Our Vision is to bring young men and women together for a family filled season of sports and recreation. To provide a safe and teachable atmosphere for teaching youth the game of life via sports. Provide exposure & showcase opportunities to the youth with the intent of obtaining a college scholarship. To give our future leaders a positive environment to interact with peers, while building a strong community by using fitness as a means to deter the use of: alcohol, drugs, or anything harmful.

Our Mission is to educate youth on the effects of drugs, alcohol, gangs, as well as the effects of having a negative attitudes or behaviors. We will show youth how to be a responsible adult by using fitness as a positive outlet of expression. SPORTS FOR ALL!

Health/Life Skills

Our focus is to educate our community about the health consequences of obesity and being overweight. We will strive to encourage adults and youths to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. This program will implement enhanced programs that will engage communities by positively promoting health and disease prevention.

Augusta Power will promote, partner, and offer numerous life skills classes and programs aimed at growth and teaching the skills necessary to promote personal change.

Community Focus

Our mission is to advance our serving communities by developing leaders, informing policy, and educating the public. Augusta Power achieves this mission by facilitating the exchange of ideas and information to address critical issues affecting our communities, developing strategic research and historical resources for the public, and providing leadership development and scholarship opportunities.

Green the Community

Our purpose is to: (1) Create a Green economy with Green centered initiative thru youth and community development, (2) Green facilities that enhance human factors, and (3) Green sports facilities for youth.