Team Power

“Transforming youth sports so sports can transform our youth”

The purpose of the Team Power Basketball program is to provide student-athletes a chance to showcase their talents in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA), Youth Basketball of America (YBOA), and Recruiting Services sanctioned and certified event across the United States of America. This opportunity allows student-athletes to enhance their basketball development skills and gives them a chance to compete with their peer across the country in their respective age groups. The potential of a college athletic scholarship is greater for student-athletes that participate on these types of levels. Our aim is to assist the student-athletes in earning their high school diploma and/or preparing them for higher education. We work with each student-athlete to make sure that they are on course to be approved for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Clearinghouse, which governs a student-athletes acceptance into NCAA associated college programs.

Student-Athlete Projections of Team Power:

  • 100% High School Graduation Rate for student-athletes in the program
  • An increase in the number of students who choose to pursue a college education
  • A reduction in the crime rate
  • Longer college careers due to student-athletes enhanced educational skill sets
  • A cultivation of integrity, ethics, and morals


The vision of Team Power is to use what young people enjoy doing to give them what they need for a secure and successful future. Team Power will emphasize a combination of academics and athletics, allowing student athletes to play the sports they love while gaining the knowledge they need to be successful in college and in life. We hope to teach young men and women how to use their bodies and their minds to create for themselves the best future possible.


Team Power’s ultimate goal is to help its student-athletes earn college degrees and scholarships. Our philosophy is to work with programs in our community to development student-athletes academically. Team Power’s Academic program includes individual and group tutoring, homework assistance, literacy improvement, and ACT/SAT prep courses & counseling on core curriculum and meeting NCAA guidelines on education for high school participants. We work with professional and college tutors to assist our students in succeeding academically. Not only do we strive for grade improvement but to develop study skills within our participants to last them a lifetime.

Student-Athletes are required to receive academic assistance if they are working below grade level or have failing course grades. In instances where student-athletes are working below two or more grade levels, academic assessments are administered to design an appropriate, individualized educational plan. For those student-athletes who achieve at or above grade level are encouraged to assist others through a cooperative learning/mentoring experience. This teaching strategy develops a sense of camaraderie among student-athletes, as well as leadership skills, and teaches the value of giving back to the organization and the community.

Team Power also acts as an advocate for each student-athlete in their school by meeting with teachers and counselors, if needed. We follow and track the student-athletes academic performance each year, through either weekly reports or scheduled progress reports from the school.

We fully understand balancing schoolwork and sports is a constant challenge for our student-athletes. We commend those who not only manage this balancing act, but excel at it. We honor our student-athletes and commit our continued support in their maintaining this level of excellence.


Team Power 2009 Graduate – “Ricardo Glenn”

Team Power 2009 Graduate – “Ricardo Glenn”


Team Power 2012-2013 Early Commitment/Signees

Chris “CJ” Washington Signs with Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham

Team Power 2011 – Chris “CJ” Washington Signs with Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham after playing two years at Tallahassee Community College

Chris “CJ” Washington Signs with Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham

Chris “CJ” Washington Signs with Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham

The Class of 2012 for Team Power consisted of the following student-athletes taking their talents to college to pursue their education as well as play the sports they enjoy.

  • Marcus Walden, Richmond Academy – Northwest Kansas Technical College (Basketball)
  • Chris Hall, Lakeside High – Emmanuel College (Basketball)
  • Miles McDavid, Evans High School – Georgia Tech (Track)
  • Kelvin Cruse, Richland Northeast – Aiken Tech (Basketball)
  • Mike Murphy, Richland Northeast – Spartanburg Methodist (Basketball)
  • EJ Johnson, Silver Bluff – Gray Christian Academy Prep (Basketball)